Looking Into the Future of Sass

Sass is a CSS preprocessor. This is now common knowledge. First commit in 2007 by Hampton Catlin. Now the most used CSS preprocessor. Sass has come a long way since its beginning. It's been a while Nathan Weizenbaum and Chris Eppstein are working on version 3.3. As of today, the alpha version is already available (with its bugs of course) and I'm pretty confident saying the official version will be released anytime soon (no date announced).

开始使用 Sass 的流程控制语法

SASS 中的 Mixin 和 Extend 已经能够为编写 CSS 带来了非常大的遍历,更为逆天的是新版本的 SASS 中又加入了 @if, @for, @each 和 @while 这些流程控制语法,让 CSS 编写更轻松,不得不感叹,这个现在真的进化成1门编程语言了~